Pokemon quest

In the game you get to the island Tumblecube Island. The world is colorful and all its elements, together with the creatures inhabiting it, are built of cuboid-like forms. Surely the game does not look like the other productions with pokemon. However, there are some cult creatures that we will control for most of the game. We start the pokemon quest android hack by learning the basic principles governing the virtual world. Then choose the pokemon who will be assigned to us at the beginning of the adventure. Yes, Pikachu is available. The controls are very easy and fast comes down to pressing buttons on the smartphone screen. The game is aimed mainly at younger audiences. It is demanding and the game is quite nice, although probably not for longer pulls. While visiting the colorful island, we will mainly take part in duels with other pokemon. The player also receives its own database, which will prepare for another expedition. Individual regions are not large, and they do not take much time to complete.