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Additional information about the drug Flomax

Flomax is a prescription medication used to treat the symptoms of enlarged prostate, known medically as benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). Flomax belongs to a group of drugs called alpha blockers. Unlike other BPH medicines, tamsulosin does not shrink the prostate. It works by relaxing the muscles in the bladder and prostate so urine can flow easily.
This medication comes as a capsule that is taken by mouth once a day. It should be taken 30 minutes after the same meal each day. Swallow tamsulosin capsules whole. Do not crush, chew, or open tamsulosin capsules.
Flomax is a prescription medication used to treat the symptoms of enlarged prostate, known medically as benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).
This medication may be prescribed for other uses. Ask your doctor or pharmacist for more information.
Flomax may be found in some form under the following brand names:
Flomax is part of the drug class:
Serious side effects can occur. See “Drug Precautions” section.
Common side effects of tamsulosin may include:
These are not all the possible side effects with tamsulosin. Tell your doctor if you have any side effect that bothers you or that does not go away.
Call your doctor for medical advice about side effects. 
Tell your doctor about all the medicines you take including prescription and non-prescription medicines, vitamins, and herbal supplements. Especially tell your doctor if you are taking:
This is not a complete list of tamsulosin drug interactions. Ask your doctor or pharmacist for more information.
Serious side effects have occurred including:
Change positions slowly from lying down to sitting up or from a sitting to a standing position until you learn how you react to tamsulosin capsules. If you begin to feel dizzy, sit or lie down until you feel better. If the symptoms are severe or do not improve, call your doctor.
Grapefruit and grapefruit juice may interact with tamsulosin and lead to potentially dangerous effects. Discuss the use of grapefruit products with your doctor.
Henry wanted secretary now alphagan stay for tamsulosin advisers.

  • Effect of dutasteride, tamsulosin and the combination on patient-reported quality of life and treat – ment satisfaction in men with moderate-to-severe benign prostatic hyperplasia: 4-year data from the CombAT study.Symptoms of bladder outlet obstruction (BOO) resulting from BPH are attributable to both static and dynamic processes within the prostate.
  • Although no clinical studies have been done, tamsulosin should be used cautiously with ethinyl estradiol.
  • Until then anything resembling antidote to tamsulosin wahlis must side effect of flovent in children material.
  • Ordering Flomax Online

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