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Rabeprazole is a proton pump inhibitor that suppresses gastric acid production in the stomach. It has several medical uses: the management of conditions that involve excess gastric acid production (e.g. Zollinger–Ellison syndrome ), conditions that are worsened by gastric acid (e.g. ulcerations of the gastrointestinal tract), and conditions involving prolonged exposure to gastric acid (e.g. symptomatic gastroesophageal reflux disease ).
Rabeprazole’s adverse effects tend to be mild but can be serious, including deficiencies in essential nutrients, rare incidences of liver and bone damage, and dangerous rashes. Rabeprazole can theoretically contribute to numerous drug interactions, mediated both through its metabolic properties and its direct effect on acid in the stomach, though its potential for clinically meaningful drug interactions is low.
Like other medications in the proton pump inhibitor class, rabeprazole’s mechanism of action involves the permanent inhibition of proton pumps in the stomach, which are responsible for gastric acid production. Rabeprazole has a number of chemical metabolites, though it is primarily degraded by non-enzymatic metabolism and excreted in the urine. Genetic differences in a person’s drug-metabolizing enzymes may affect a person’s response to rabeprazole therapy, though this is unlikely in comparison to other proton pump inhibitors.
Rabeprazole is marketed around in the world in a variety of combinations and brand name products.
1 Medical uses
1.1 Available forms
1.2 Specific populations
1.2.1 Pediatrics
1.2.2 Pregnancy
1.2.3 Lactation
1.2.4 Geriatrics
1.2.5 Japanese ancestry
1.2.6 Kidney or liver problems
2 Contraindications
2.1 Hypersensitivity
2.1.1 Syndrome
2.1.2 Cross-reactivity
2.2 Contraindication with rilpivirine
3 Adverse effects
4 Overdose
5 Interactions
5.1 Drug-drug interactions
5.2 Food-drug interactions
6 Pharmacology
6.1 Mechanism of action
6.2 Pharmacokinetics
6.3 Pharmacogenetics
7 Chemistry
7.1 Synthesis
7.2 Physiochemical properties
8 History
8.1 Development
9 Society and culture
9.1 Legal status
9.2 Brand names
10 Research
11 References
Medical uses
Brand-name rabeprazole.
Bottle of rabeprazole 20 mg tablets.
Rabeprazole, like other proton pump inhibitors such as omeprazole, is used for the purposes of gastric acid suppression.
Rabeprazole is also useful alongside antibiotic therapy for the treatment of the pathogen Helicobacter pylori, which otherwise thrives in acidic environments.
Thus, rabeprazole is FDA approved for the treatment of symptomatic GERD in adolescents and adults, healing duodenal ulcers in adults, eradication of Helicobacter pylori, and pathologic hypersecretory conditions.
Available forms
The only available formulation of rabeprazole is in 20 mg, delayed-release tablets (pictured below).
Specific populations
Rabeprazole’s only pediatric indication is for the treatment of symptomatic GERD in adolescents (12 years-old and up).
Studies using animals models to investigate the likelihood for rabeprazole to cause harm to fetuses have not yet shown evidence of harm, though avoidance of rabeprazole during pregnancy (especially during the critical development period of the first trimester) is considered to be the safest possible route until human studies clarify the exact risk.
It is expected that rabeprazole will be secreted into human breast milk, though the clinical impact of this is still unknown. Avoiding rabeprazole during breastfeeding confers to lowest possible risk.
Advanced age does not appear to clinically impact rabeprazole’s metabolism.
Japanese ancestry
In a study on rabeprazole’s pharmacokinetics, the AUC was elevated by approximately 50–60% in men of Japanese ancestry compared to men in the United States. See the pharmacogenetics section below for a pharmacogenetic explanation of these findings.
Kidney or liver problems
In people that have kidney or liver problems, these problems do not appear to affect rabeprazole’s metabolism in a clinically meaningful way. This includes individuals on dialysis for kidney problems. Severe liver problems like cirrhosis of the liver do affect rabeprazole’s elimination half-life, but not to a degree of dangerous accumulation.
Rabeprazole is contraindicated in the following populations and situations:
people with a known hypersensitivity to rabeprazole, substituted benzimidazoles (which are chemically similar to rabeprazole, like omeprazole ), or any other component of the capsule formulation (e.g. certain dyes)
concurrent use of rilpivirine, a medication used to treat HIV infection
An allergy to a PPI like rabeprazole may take the form of type I hypersensitivity or delayed hypersensitivity reactions. A selective (pattern C—see below for a discussion of cross-reactivity patterns) type I hypersensitivity reaction to rabeprazole resulting in anaphylaxis has been reported, as well as several whole group hypersentivities.
Hypersensitivity to PPIs can take the form of whole group hypersensitivity, pattern A, B, or C. Whole group hypersentivity occurs when a person is cross-reactive to all PPIs; that is, all PPIs will induce the allergy. In pattern A, a person may be allergic to omeprazole, esomeprazole, and pantoprazole, but not to lansoprazole and rabeprazole. This is thought to be due to the structural similarities between omeprazole, esomeprazole, and pantoprazole, contrasted with lansoprazole and rabeprazole. Pattern B is the opposite, reflecting people that are allergic to lansoprazole and rabeprazole, but not to omeprazole, esomeprazole, and pantoprazole. Pattern C, in the context of rabeprazole, would reflect a person that is allergic to only rabeprazole, but not to other PPIs (omeprazole, esomeprazole, pantoprazole, and lansoprazole).
Contraindication with rilpivirine
Rilpivirine, a non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor used in the treatment of HIV, is contraindicated with all PPIs because of their acid-suppressing effect. PPIs suppress acid, thereby raising the pH of (alkalizing) the stomach’s contents. Rilpivirine is best absorbed under acidic conditions. Therefore, rabeprazole would be expected to decrease the absorption of rilpivirine, decrease the concentration of rilpivirine in the blood, and possibly lead to therapeutic failure and resistance to the medication/class.
Adverse effects
In general, rabeprazole is fairly well tolerated, even up to 5 years after clinical trial follow-up.
Rabeprazole is associated with elevated serum gastrin levels, which are thought to be dependent upon the degree of CYP2C19 metabolism the drug undergoes. In comparison, rabeprazole is not as significantly metabolized by this enzyme compared to other medications in the same class, like omeprazole.
Acid suppression via rabeprazole can decrease the absorption of vitamin B12 and magnesium, leading to deficiency.
Very serious side effects have been reported in people taking rabeprazole, but these effects have not been “correlated directly” with the use of rabeprazole.
No signs and symptoms have been reported in overdoses of rabeprazole up to 80 mg, but case examples are limited.
Animal experiments with ultra-high doses of rabeprazole have demonstrated lethality through unknown mechanisms. The lethal overdose syndrome in animals is characterized by convulsion and coma.
Drug-drug interactions
Rabeprazole does not interfere with the plasma concentration of drugs that are also metabolized by the same enzymes (i.e. CYP2C19) that it is metabolized by. Therefore, it is not expected to react with CYP2C19 substrates like theophylline, warfarin, diazepam, and phenytoin.
There is some evidence that omeprazole and esomeprazole, two medications in the same class as rabeprazole, can disturb the conversion of an anticoagulant medication called clopidogrel to its active metabolite. However, because this is thought to be mediated by the effect of omeprazole and esomeprazole on CYP2C19, the enzyme that activates clopidogrel, this drug interaction is not expected to occur as strongly with rabeprazole. However, whether the effect of omeprazole and esomeprazole on clopidogrel’s metabolism actually leads to poor clinical outcomes is still a matter of intense debate among healthcare professionals.
Clinically serious drug-drug interactions may involve the acid-suppression effects of rabeprazole. For example, rabeprazole should not be used concomitantly with rilpivirine, an anti- HIV therapy, which requires acid for absorption. Lowered plasma concentrations of rilpivirine could lead to progression of HIV infection. Other drugs that require acid for absorption include antifungal drugs like ketoconazole and itraconazole, digoxin, iron, mycophenolate, and tyrosine kinase inhibitors like erlotinib, dasatinib, and nilotinib.
Food-drug interactions
Food does not affect the amount of rabeprazole that enters the body,
Mechanism of action
Rabeprazole’s mechanism of action first involves getting absorbed into the parietal cells of the stomach, which are the cells that are responsible for secreting hydrochloric acid (HCl).
Rabeprazole, like other medications in the same class, cannot inhibit the H + /K + ATPase pumps found in lysosomes, a cellular organelle that degrades biological molecules, because the pumps found in these organelles lack the cysteine residues involved in rabeprazole’s mechanism of action.
A unique feature of rabeprazole’s mechanism of action in inhibiting acid secretion involves its activation. The pKa (the pH at which 50% of the drug becomes positively charged) of rabeprazole is around 5.0, meaning that it doesn’t take a lot of acid to activate it. While this theoretically translates into a faster onset of action for rabeprazole’s acid-inhibiting effect, the clinical implications of this fact have yet to be elucidated.
Rabeprazole’s bioavailability is approximately 52%, meaning that 52% of orally administered dose is expected to enter systemic circulation (the bloodstream).
Rabeprazole is extensively metabolized by the liver.
Phase I metabolism of rabeprazole, drawn in ChemSketch.
The effect of rabeprazole may vary based upon the genetics of the individual taking the medication. People may have differences in their capacity to metabolize rabeprazole to an inactive metabolite. This may be mediated through genetic differences in the gene that encodes for the metabolic enzyme CYP2C19. For example, people that are poor CYP2C19 metabolizers (i.e. their version of CYP2C19 is less effective than average) will have trouble metabolizing rabeprazole, allowing the active rabeprazole to stay in the body, where it can exert its effect, longer than intended. Conversely, extensive CYP2C19 metabolizers (i.e. the average metabolic capacity of CYP2C19) will extensively metabolize rabeprazole, as expected. The poor metabolizing CYP2C19 phenotype is found in roughly 3–5% of Caucasian people, and in 17–20% of people of Asian ancestry.
However, rabeprazole’s metabolism is primarily non-enzymatic (it is often inactivated chemically, without the participation of the body’s natural drug metabolizing enzymes ). Therefore, while a person’s CYP2C19 phenotype will affect rabeprazole’s metabolism, it is not expected to dramatically affect the efficacy of the medication.
3D representation of rabeprazole spinning along an axis.
Rabeprazole is classified as a substituted benzimidazole, like omeprazole, lansoprazole, and pantoprazole.
Rabeprazole synthesis diagram.
The above synthesis pathway begins with 2,3-dimethypyridine N -oxide ( 1 ). Nitration of 2,3-dimethylpyridine N -oxide affords the nitro derivative (the addition of NO 2 ) ( 2 ) The newly introduced nitro group is then displaced by the alkoxide from 3-methoxypropanol to yield the corresponding ether ( 3 ). Treatment with acetic anhydride results in the Polonovski reaction. Saponification followed by treatment with thionyl chloride then chlorinates the primary alcohol ( 5 ). Reaction with benzimidazole-2-thiol ( 6 ) followed by oxidation of the resulting thioether to the sulfoxide yields the final product: rabeprazole ( 8 ).
Physiochemical properties
Rabeprazole is characterized as a white to yellowish-white solid in its pure form. It is soluble in a number of solvents. Rabeprazole is very soluble in water and methanol, freely soluble in ethanol, chloroform, and ethyl acetate, and is insoluble in ether and n-hexane.
Rabeprazole was first marketed in Europe in 1998.
Developed by Eisai Medical Research by the research names E3810 and LY307640, the pre-investigational new drug application was submitted on October 28, 1998. The final investigational new drug application was submitted August 6, 1999. On August 19, 1999, rabeprazole was approved in the US for multiple gastrointestinal indications. The approval for the treatment of symptomatic gastroesophageal reflux disease was on February 12, 2002.
Society and culture
Legal status
Rabeprazole is approved in the United States
Brand names
Rabeprazole has been sold in a number of brand names:
List of trade names for rabeprazole
Brand Name
Acera, Acifix, Acilesol, AcipHex, Acistal, Akirab, Algibra, An Si Fei, Anslag, Antuc, Apt, Aurizol-R
Bacanero, Barole, Bauzole, Bepra, Bepraz, Berazol, Berizar, Beryx
Dexicool, Dexpure, Dirab, Domol
Finix, Fodren
Gastech, Gastrazole, Gastrodine, Gelbra
Happi, Helirab, Heptadin
Jelgrad, Ji Nuo
Mergium, Monrab
Neutracaine, Newrabell, Noflux
Olrite, Ontime, Oppi-R
Paliell, Paramet, Paricel, Pariet, Pepcia, Pepraz, Ppbest, Praber, Prabex, Prabexol, Prabez, Promto, Puloros
R-Bit, R-Cid, R-PPI, R-Safe, R.P.Zole, Rabby, Rabe, Rabe-G, Rabeact-20, Rabec, Rabeca, Rabecell, Rabecis, Rabecole, Rabecom, Rabecon, Rabee, Rabefine, Rabegen, Rabekind, Rabelex, Rabelinz, Rabelis, Rabeloc, Rabeman, Rabemed, Rabeol, Rabeone, Rabep, Rabepazole, Rabephex, Rabeprazol, Rabeprazole, Rabeprazolo, Rabeprazolum, Rabesec, Rabestad, Rabetac, Rabetome, Rabetra, Rabetune, Rabeum, Rabex, Rabez, Rabez-FR, Rabezol, Rabezole, Rabibit, Rabicent, Rabicid, Rabicip, Rabifar, Rabifast, Rabilect, Rabip, Rabipot, Rabirol, Rabitab, Rabium, Rabiza, Rabizol, Rablet, Rablet-B, Rabon, Raboz, Rabroz, Rabyprex, Ragi, Ralic, Ramprozole, Raneks, Rap, Rapeed, Rapespes, Rapo, Rapoxol, Rasonix, Razid, Razit, Razo, Razodent, Razogard, Rebacip, Redura, Reorab, Reward, Rifcid, Rodesa, Rolant, Roll, Rowet, Rpraz, Rui Bo te, Rulcer
Setright, Staycool, Stom, Stomeck
Ulceprazol, Ulcerostate
Value, Veloz
Xin Wei An
Yu Tian Qing
Zibepar, Zolpras, Zulbex
List of trade names for rabeprazole-containing combination products
Generic Combination
Brand Name
rabeprazole, amoxicillin, clarithromycin
Rabecure, Pylocure
rabeprazole, amoxicillin, metronidazole
rabeprazole, diclofenac
Drab, Rabin-DFX, Rclonac, Safediclo, Samurai
rabeprazole, domperidone
Acera-D, Acistal-D, Adec-R, Algibra-D, Anslag-D, Antuc-DSR, Biorab-DSR, Catrab-DSR, Comvine, Cyclochek, Cyra-D, Dirab-D, Domol-R, Esoga-RD, Gasonil-D, Gastrazole-D, Happi-D, Helirab-D, Kurab-DSR, Lorab-DSR, Neutraflux, Nuloc-D, Olrite-DSR, Parisec-DSR, Pepchek, Pepcia-D, Peraz-D, Ppbest-D, Prazim-RD, Prorab-D, R-Bit-DM, R-Bit-DSR, R-Cid Plus, R-DSR, R-Safe DSR, Rabby-DSR, Rabecis-DSR, Rabecom-D, Rabecon-DSR, Rabee-D, Rabefine-DSR, Rabelex-D, Rabemac-DSR, Rabep-DSR, Rabephex-D, Rabetome-DM, Rabetome-DSR, Rabetune-D, Rabex-D, Rabez-D, Rabi-DSR, Rabibit-D, Rabicent-D, Rabicip-D, Rabifast-DSR, Rabilect-DSR, Rabipot-D, Rabiprime-DSR, Rablet-D, Rabon-D, Rabon-DSR, Rabroz-DSR, Rabter-SR, Raizol-DSR, Rap-D, Rapeed-D, Rapo-DSR, Raz-DSR, Rebilex-DSR, Redoxid, Redura-D, Redura-DSR, Reorab-D, Reorab-DSR, Reward-D, Reward-DSR, Rifcid-D, Rifcid-DSR, Rifkool-DSR, Robilink-D, Rolant-D, Roll-D, Rpraz-D, Rugbi-DM, Rulcer-DSR, Setright-DSR, Sharaz-D, Staycool-DXR, Stomeck-D SR, Ulgo-DSR, Xenorab-DSR, Zolorab-D, Zomitac-DSR, Zorab-D
rabeprazole, itopride
Acera-IT, Antuc-IT, Cool Rab-IT, Happi-IT, Itopraz, Itorab, Jeprab-ITO, Pepraz-I, Rabee-ISR, Rabemac-ITR, Rabetome-ISR, Rabez-IT, Rabibit-ISR, Rablet-I, Rablet-IT, Rebilex-ISR, Reorab-IT, Rex-ISR, Rulcer-IT, Veloz-IT, and Zorite
rabeprazole, lafutidine
Lafumac Plus
rabeprazole, levosulpiride
Happi-L, Lorab-L, Rabekind Plus, Rabicent-L, Rabifast-XL, Rabin-LXR, Rabinta-L, Rabitem-LS, Robiwel-L, Roll-LS, Wokride
rabeprazole, ondansetron
Ond-R, Rulcer-ON
rabeprazole, polaprezinc
Happi-XT, Rabez-Z
rabeprazole, sodium bicarbonate
Pepcia-FF, Raizol
An alternative formulation of rabeprazole, termed “rabeprazole-ER” (extended release) has been developed. The purpose of the formulation was to increase the half-life of rabeprazole, which normally is very short in humans. Rabeprazole-ER was a 50 mg capsule composed of five non-identical 10 mg tablets that were designed to release rabeprazole at differing intervals throughout the gastrointestinal system. However, because two high quality clinical trials failed to demonstrate a benefit of rabeprazole-ER versus esomeprazole (another common PPI) for healing grade C or D erosive esophagitis, the development of rabeprazole-ER ceased.

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