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Brigitte Thériault

Born May 15, 1974 in Quebec City in Canada, Brigitte Thériault is a french Canadian professional photographer and a Fine Art Photography artist. She lives in Kauai, Hawaii, with her family since 2013.


1991-1994    Cégep du Vieux-Montréal,  photography. 

1995-1996    Concordia University, photography & cinema, minor.


Since 1994, Brigitte Thériault started to do more contracts, both for the media and fashion magazines, as well for artists, actors and musicians.  At her beginning, she worked as a photographer for the weekly cultural newspaper “Voir”, she realised frontispiece portraits and conceptuel images ( Patrick Huard, The Respectable, Paul Ohl, etc). She conceives album art works and books cover, as well as she collaborates with scientific researchers at McGill University, to create stock photos of their laboratory, based in St-Kitts island, Carribean. Brigitte was also assistant for photographer Christian Lacroix at the beginning of her photographic career.


In 1997, Brigitte leaved in Miami for a couple of months. During that moment, Brigitte made several portfolios for main Model Agency of Miami (Elite, Ford, Next), and collaborer with some fashion and people magazine from Montréal (Les Ailes de la mode, Dernière Heure, 7 jours). Brigitte was also main photographer for Adorable magazine from 1995-2000 (Abeille et Mitsou Gélinas, Moist, Annie Pelletier…).

In 1998, she officially starts up her business in Québec city named Studio BT and opened a studio and dark room, she was located in beautiful Chapelle du Bon Pasteur, rue de la Chevrotière, Québec city. She also acquired during this time Carmelli, a modeling and casting agency founded in 1990 by Marie-Hélène Fortin that she sold two years later.

Portrait, publicity and fashion photography were at that time the main occupation of Brigitte activity. From year 2005, Brigitte focused in interior design photography and created for herself an important customer base in the field of design and housing. For more than ten years now, her photographs have appeared in many different magazines in Canada and also in England.

She also occasionally act as a speaker, teacher and mentor for differents school and photo club in Québec city  ( Société des Photographes Artisans de Québec – SPAQ, Université Laval, collège Notre-Dame-de-Foy et le Centre de formation professionnelle en photographie Maurice Barbeau).


In 2007, she create, with a traditional Pentax 6×7 camera, a film photography collection . Rapidly, she joined Art Galleries in Quebec City. Brigitte Minimalism Fine Art collection, consist mainly in large format landscape photography, printed in limited édition. Brigitte is now represented in New York, Toronto, Montréal and Québec city. Since 2007, tens of Brigitte Thériault art piece belong to private collections throughout the world.

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In 2010, with the help of three other visual artists, she founded the gallery Ni Vu Ni  Cornu. The group eventually dissolved and the gallery was bought back by Annie Lévesque in 2013. Brigitte’s works are still represented there. The Brigitte Thériault Gallery-Studio opened its doors for a period of 1 year, on Dalhousie Street in Old Quebec, photographic studio and Brigitte art exhibition shared the local.  in April 2011. She also joined the Art’chipel Gallery in Lévis as an permanent artist.

La galerie Ni Vu Ni Cornu fête ses cinq ans, par Michèle Laferrière du journal Le Soleil_Publié le 20 mai 2016

Her photographs are regularly rented via the gallery Dimension Plus & Art Gallery of Hamilton for television series, commercials and film productions such as Liverpool produced by Manon Briand and Café de Flores by Jean-Marc Vallée.

In 2014, she was contacted by the renowned Hamburd Kennedy Photographs Gallery in New York , where she appeared alongside Man Ray, De Koonig, Basquiat, Warhol and others. The same year, five of her photos were nominated in various categories in the Photography Masters Cup.

Art Gallery – Canada & USA

BT permanent artist

HKP Photographs, Peach Edition. New York, USA

-Art Gallery of Hamilton. Toronto, Canada 

founded in 1914, the art gallery of hamilton is ontario’s third largest public art gallery and owns one of the finest collections of art in canada, featuring over 9,500 works of art including historical european, historical canadian and contemporary art.

-Dimension Plus. Montreal, Québec, Canada

-Art’chipel galerie. Lévis, Québec, Canada

-Ni Vu Ni Cornu. Ste-Anne de Beaupré, Québec, Canada.

About BT Fine Art collection (Traditional photography, 6×7 camera + film).

”It was in 1988 at the age of 14 that the photograph appears to me as an extraordinary means of expression. The nature and the great outdoors attracts me, I dream to travel around the world.  At that time, photography was still sacred, the darkroom was my favorite place, the smell of bath chemistry, his calm appearance and red lighting, it was magical!”

BT Fine Art represents this lost magic, each image was made with a traditional camera Pentax 6×7 and varied 120 films.

“Less is more, life is better when it’s simple. I believe  in beauty cause when beauty is around, life is better. The beautiful things, people, attitudes and places fascinate me and make me feel good, that’s why I want to share it with my photographs, and inspire people as other inspired me.” Brigitte

“According to me, there is nothing more beautiful in art than organized chaos according to natural laws from which emerges harmony that we all look for. Through my photos, I apply myself to show that every element surrounding us is a living work of art that needs to be respected and protected.”

I use a traditional approach: shooting slides or films mainly in 6×7 format camera. I carefully select images that are then retouched with computer programs such as Photoshop allowing me to give each photo its unique flair and create a world governed by both the real and the imaginary.

Expositions & Honnor : 

2017- july 15&16, BT workshop visit and exhibition at Brigitte’s home. 1565, Boul.Louis XIV, Québec, Canada.

2016- Art’chipel galerie. Lévis, Québec, Canada – Sénégal. Film photography, archive paper print. Solo exhibition.

2016- IDS Show, Toronto. CHQ12-Y sold, Last piece from Châteauallantvert Collective exhibition. U.V.A collective project.

2015 –Isola Festival, Palermo, Sicile, Italie. oct 15-18

2015 – Louvre, Paris, digital exhibtion by SEE.ME. 2015 July 13th.

2014 –5 nominations for the Photography Masters Cup Competition

2014 – Peach edition, Hamburg Kennedy Photographs Gallery, New-York City

                  * Affordable Art Fair, New York City,

2013 –See.Me New-York City, Story of the creative

2013 – Fine Art category momination for the Photography Master Cup Competition: 

             * Le Petit Guerrier

2013 –Artavita Contest

               *Honorable mention for Symbol, Sainte-Lucie, Caraïbe.

2013-14 -Art Gallery of Hamilton, Spring sales.

 2013 – IDS show, Toronto,collective exhibition with artist Paule Dionne.

            ***Recipient of a SODEC grant

2012 – Châteauallantvert at the Château Frontenac, Quebec city, Canada. Collective exhibition.   

             Vernissage in the company of famous Quebec poet Gilles Vigneault

2012- April 14th 2012 : LE SOLEIL’s paper: Architecture rejuvanates a local distric

– “Revenir” 48×38,  featured


– was chosen to represent the stardom dimension in the new picture of Manon Briand’s LIVERPOOL.

2011-  Fire 5th edition, at the Coop Ecto, Montreal. Collective exhibition.

2011 – Far east, Galerie le 1040, Montreal, Canada. Collective exhibition. 

2003 – Thème mixte, Galerie Rouge, Quebec city, Canada.

2000 – Poisson architectonique. Marché Bonsecours, Montreal, Canada. Collective exhibition.

            – Coeur d’Amérique. Les Journées de la Culture, Quebec city, Canada. Solo exhibition

            – Poisson architectonique ( Maquereaux). Galerie Vue, Quebec city, collective.

1996  – Poisson architectonique ( La truite mouchetée). Ecocenter of Duchesnay, Quebec city, 

               Collective exhibition.

1995 – Poisson architectonique ( Le hareng). Perspective Gallery, Quebec, Canada. Solo.

*Démarche artistique ( french only)

Imperceptible présence

Sabrina Clitandre, M.A., historienne de l’art. 2008

Apprécier les œuvres photographiques de Brigitte Thériault, c’est partager avec elle les moments privilégiés qu’elle a su saisir. Grâce à son tact visuel, elle regarde la nature et l’humanise par des interventions douces et justes. Les natures métamorphosées de l’artiste proposent un point focal où convergent le meilleur de la nature et de l’ingéniosité humaine. 

Maîtrisant de façon instinctive les lois d’une composition harmonieuse, Brigitte Thériault affectionne l’arrangement logique, la répétition de certains éléments qui permet l’harmonie visuelle. Thériault se commet dans un espace photographique où la nature est empreinte de poésie.

Michaël Lachancecritique d’art canadien, essayiste. 2015

Artiste-photographe divisée entre deux courants forts en photo, Brigitte Thériault se réclame à la fois d’une photographie plasticienne néo-pictorialiste, et de la photographie créative. Sans opposer l’approche plasticienne en couleur aux clichés créatifs, la photographe canadienne ne réduit pas son champ d’action à un discours sur la photographie. Artiste impressionniste, elle soumet son œil photographique à la pellicule, elle cultive l’instinct brut. 

Globetrotteur, elle s’ingénie à relever la beauté d’un paysage, d’un instant fugace pris à la dérobé, son travail est résolument esthétique, elle aborde la photo comme une peinture. Elle peint avec la lumière tout en trempant ses images dans une translucidité qui floue la réalité, elle la revêt d’un voile illusoire qui transgresse l’objectivité et confère au travail de l’artiste une facture esthétique qui la rapproche plutôt de Gyula Halasz (Brassai). Or, chez Brigitte Thériault, la photo traduit une utopie onirique, comme une saudade portugaise, un lieu de bonheur doux et nostalgique. Cette soif de liberté toute sauvage, cette quête du sublime et d’idéal, si chers aux esprits romantiques, se dévoilent dans ses séries « Vivia » et « Pastel » deux séries qui opposent lumière et noirceur, paradis perdu et réalisme, langueur et bonheur, solitude et famille. 

Qui plus est, la nature sublimée, ces grands espaces désertiques, ces nuages d’hivers sur impression d’été, ces floutés ajoutés pour augmenter ou travestir la réalité donnent à voir des œuvres qui défient sans cesse la beauté, elle emprunte à la nature par faisceau, par flash, sans jamais la pervertir.


2008 –  BT realised with an author a photography book name ‘’PAPAS’’ , a tribute to father. Editions LaPress, 128 pages.

Since 2010 Brigitte’s photos-stories and texts are published in différents medias as newspapers, magazines and blog (travel and inspiration).


2015- The importance of Finding your Gift to Achieve Sucess. achieve-success

Travel Photo Stories, published.

Go to photo shoot/voyage/travel edito to see all.

2016- Sénégal, Africa. Nomade Magazine

2013- Le Maroc, Inch’allah. Magazine Sofadeco, vol 8 no 1.

2012- La Barbade, comme un joyau. Magazine Sofadeco, vol 6 no 5.

2012- Hawaii en famille, Aloha! Le Soleil et la Presse.

2010- Guadeloupe, Rêver la Guadeloupe. Magazine Sofadeco.


Since 2013, she has lived the great adventure, leaving Quebec for the archipelago of Hawaii. She moved to the north of Kauai Island with her husband and three children aged 8, 10 and 13, the story of this epic is told on the blog on this website.

*Summer 2014-  Interview about Hawaii Gendron family experience.

Josey Arsenault, “le monde de josey”  . FM93 Québec city radio station.


Charitable Foundation and mentor participation 

2015 et 2012. Les Clefs d’Or, Annual Christmas auction. Château Frontenac. For Centre de Pédiatrie Sociale de Québec, Terry Fox Fondation,  CEGEP Limoilou & Collège Mérici. Art piece is giving; “Vers là” 8×10.

2015- Université Laval. Mentor for a young artist from Côte d’Ivoire, Africa, Jean-Marc Ouattara.

2014-15. Hanalei School fundraiser, St-Regis Hotel, Kauai à Hawaii. Starry Nights. Auction: 2 art pieces is giving(8×10), “Free” et “Sous un soleil de plomb”.

2011- Fondation, CHUL, Québec city. A collaboration with Souris-Mini, BT is volonteer to shoot tend of family at Galeries de la Capitale.

2010- Fondation Canadienne d’entraide. Photographer for a calendar production, for breast cancer Fondation, featuring Josée Turmel and Isabelle Boutin.

2008Les Auberges Du Coeur, évent photographer with Chef  Daniel Vézina,  Laurie Raphaël, Québec.

2007– CAPJ Lévis (Centre Aide et Prévention Jeunesse). Auction, BT offre lors de l’encan une oeuvre intitulée Grenouille d’Amazonie 19×11.

Presse / Média

2017- july 15&16, BT workshop visit and exhibition at Brigitte’s home. 1565, Boul.Louis XIV, Québec, Canada.

ARTV. By Alex Beausoleil

Le Soleil, by Michèle Laferrière. Objectif beauté entre Québec et Hawaii

Charlesbourg Express, De Charlesbourg à Hawaii.

Radio-Cacada, émission Première Heure. La nature exotique de Brigitte Thériault

2016- La galerie Ni Vu Ni Cornu fête ses cinq ans, par Michèle Laferrière du journal Le Soleil_Publié le 20 mai
2015- Radio-Canada, Galerie Ni Vu Ni Cornu, entrevue avec Anne-Josée Cameron
2015- Galerie Ni Vu Ni Cornu
2014- Ces artistes de Québec qui décorent nos murs / guide habitation. 27 février par Marie-Ève Côté
2014-  Josey Arsenault de la station FM93 de la ville de Québec reçoit Brigitte lors de son émission “Le monde de Josey”.

2013- Montreal Home Mag publie 8 pages sur le travail de BT.

2013- Sofadeco magazine, featuring:

-LA FORÊT DES BLANC FLOCONS ( “sold out/disontinué)

2013- Spring sales! Art gallery of hamilton de toronto. 5 small art piece featured and sold.

2013- Interior Design Show de Toronto (IDS). Le SoleilDeux Québécoises se distinguent à Toronto par Michèle LaFerrière.

2013- Hey you 3/30 (1/10 medium size) sold from Artbomb!

*Artbomb is a daily art auction featuring a different artwork by a rising canadian art star.

2013- Workshop, color vs black & white

I gived a workshop with Pierre Choquette from SPAQ ( Société des photographes artisans de Québec )

2012- Magazine La Vie de ChâteauJoueurs de cuivre, par Diane Laberge. Portrait de BT et du projet Unis Vert l’Art.

2011- Le Soleil. Les grands horizons de Brigitte Thériault, par Michèle LaFerrière.

2011- Le Soleil, arts visuels, “Le diable est aux arts” par Josianne Desloges. Portrait de la galerie Ni Vu Ni Cornu lors de son ouverture au printemps 2011.

2010- Magazine SOFADECO, Portrait d’artiste.

2008- Le magazine d’art Parcours trace un portrait de BT, “Les femmes dans les arts visuels” par Jacques Bélanger.

2008- Brigitte Thériault coréalise un premier livre, PAPAS, publié aux Éditions La Presse. Gilles Parent consacre un moment d’antenne lors du lancement du livre dans son émission, « le retour de Gilles Parent. »   

*lien, presse écrite Papas 1   

2., 3-

1995- Journal Le SoleilAu plus-que-parfait de l’objectif, par Dany Quine. Galerie Perspective, Québec. De la série Poisson Architectonique, le Hareng. Solo.