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Additional information about the drug Crestor

Crestor is a prescription medication used to treat high cholesterol levels and to prevent heart disease. Crestor belongs to a group of drugs called HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors, also known as statins. Statins help to lower cholesterol levels in the body.
This medication comes in tablet form and is taken by mouth once a day, with or without food.
Common side effects are headache, muscle ache, abdominal pain, weakness, and nausea.
Crestor is a prescription medicine used to lower “bad” cholesterol (LDL-C), increase “good” cholesterol (HDL-C) and decrease triglycerides.
Crestor may be found in some form under the following brand names:
Crestor is part of the drug class:
Crestor can cause side effects in some people.
The most common side effects may include:
Additionally, memory loss and confusion have been reported with rosuvastatin use.
This is not a complete list of side effects of rosuvastatin. Talk to your health care professional for a complete list or if you have side effects that bother you or that do not go away.
Tell your health care professional about all medicines you take or plan to take, including prescription and non-prescription medicines, vitamins, and herbal supplements. Some medicines may interact with rosuvastatin, causing side effects. Especially tell your health care professional if you are taking medications for:
Know all of the medicines you take and what they look like. It’s always a good idea to check that you have the right prescription before you leave the pharmacy and before you take any medicine. Keep a list of your medicines with you to show your health care professional.
Statin medications, including rosuvastatin, carry a rare but serious risk of:
Certain statins can increase risk of muscle weakness as well. It is important to consult your physician to discuss the benefits and risks associated with using this medication.
The safety and effectiveness of rosuvastatin have not been established in pediatric patients under the age of 10.
In every cadre is a furnace titled the mitochondria generic 20mg rosuvastatin with visa lowering cholesterol reduces heart disease.

  • Maintaining a septic system is good for the environment and for your wallet. There were a total of 864 tests, apo-rosuvastatin 40 mg which included 762 urine and 102 blood tests from 46 of the 50 participating NOCs, undertaken by the Baku 2015 Anti-Doping Services.
  • Cholesterol-lowering drugs: Atorvastatin (Lipitor), fluvastatin (Lescol), lovastatin (Mevacor), pravastatin (Pravachol), simvastatin (Zocar), rosuvastatin (Crestor).
  • J Clin Lipidol 2014;8:473-488 Ridker PM, Danielson E, Fonseca FA, et al: Reduction in C-reactive protein and LDL-cholesterol and cardiovascular event rates after initiation of rosuvastatin: a prospective study of the JUPITER trial.
  • Buy Crestor Canada Online

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    Buy Crestor Canada Online

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