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Adapalene is a third-generation topical retinoid primarily used in the treatment of mild-moderate acne, and is also used off-label to treat keratosis pilaris as well as other skin conditions. It is effective against acne conditions where comedones are predominant.
1 Medical uses
2 Off-label uses
3 Side effects
4 In pregnancy
5 Interactions
6 Pharmacology
6.1 Pharmacokinetics
6.2 Pharmacodynamics
7 History
8 Available forms
9 See also
10 References
11 External links
Medical uses
It is used for the treatment of acne.
Off-label uses
Adapalene has the unique ability to inhibit keratinocyte differentiation and decrease keratin deposition. This property makes adapalene an effective treatment for keratosis pilaris and callus. It may be used by men undergoing foreskin restoration to reduce excess keratin that forms a layer on the exterior of the human penis after circumcision.
Side effects
It is common (between 1% and 10% of users)
In pregnancy
This use has not been well studied. Thus far, there is no evidence that the cream causes problems in the baby if used during pregnancy. Use is at the consumer’s own risk.
Adapalene has been shown to enhance the efficacy of topical clindamycin, although adverse effects are also increased.
Unlike the retinoid tretinoin (Retin-A), adapalene has also been shown to retain its efficacy when applied at the same time as benzoyl peroxide due to its more stable chemical structure.
Absorption of adapalene through the skin is low. A study with six acne patients treated once daily for five days with two grams of adapalene cream applied to 1000 cm² of skin found no quantifiable amounts, or less than 0.35 ng/mL of the drug, in the patients’ blood plasma.
Unlike tretinoin, adapalene inhibits keratinocyte differentiation. This inhibition of keratinocyte differentiation and proliferation is responsible for adapalene’s comedolytic effect. It has both exfoliating and anti-inflammatory effects. In an in vivo study, adapalene’s ability to reduce comedo formation was demonstrated by a 50–60% reduction in comedo counts compared with vehicle.
Adapalene selectively targets retinoic acid receptor beta and retinoic acid receptor gamma when applied to epithelial cells such as those that constitute skin.
Adapalene is a research product of Galderma Laboratories, France.
Available forms
Tube of generic adapalene
In the United States, adapalene is available under the brand name Differin in three preparations: 0.1% cream, 0.1% gel, and 0.3% gel. It is mostly available in 0.1% w/w gel form.
As of July 8, 2016, Galderma received approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for Differin Gel (adapalene gel 0.1%) as an over-the-counter (OTC) treatment for acne.
The Proactiv Company also sells the adapalene gel 0.1% under its brand name Proactiv MD Adapalene 0.1%.
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