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Aciclovir ( ACV ), also known as acyclovir, is an antiviral medication.
Common side effects include nausea and diarrhea.
The discovery of aciclovir was announced in 1977.
1 Medical use
1.1 Pregnancy
2 Adverse effects
2.1 Systemic therapy
2.2 Topical therapy
3 Drug interactions
4 Detection in biological fluids
5 Mechanism of action
5.1 Resistance
5.2 Microbiology
6 Pharmacokinetics
7 History
8 Society and culture
8.1 Names
8.2 Cost
9 Notes
10 References
11 Further reading
12 External links
Medical use
400 mg pills of aciclovir
Aciclovir is used for the treatment of herpes simplex virus and varicella zoster virus infections, including:
Genital herpes simplex (treatment and prevention )
Neonatal herpes simplex
Herpes simplex labialis ( cold sores )
Acute chickenpox in immunocompromised patients
Herpes simplex encephalitis
Acute mucocutaneous HSV infections in immunocompromised patients
Herpes of the eye and herpes simplex blepharitis (a chronic (long-term) form of herpes eye infection)
Prevention of herpes viruses in immunocompromised people (such as people undergoing cancer chemotherapy)
Its effectiveness in treating Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) infections is less clear.
Aciclovir taken by mouth does not appear to decrease the risk of pain after shingles.
Intravenous aciclovir is effective to treat severe medical conditions caused by different species of the herpes virus family, including severe localized infections of herpes virus, severe genital herpes, chickenpox and herpetic encephalitis. It is also effective in systemic or traumatic herpes infections, eczema herpeticum and Herpes simplex meningitis.
Reviews of research dating from the 1980s show there is some effect in reducing the number and duration of lesions if aciclovir is applied at an early stage of an outbreak.
Classified as a Category B Drug,
Aciclovir is recommended by the CDC for treatment of varicella during pregnancy, especially during the second and third trimesters
Aciclovir is excreted in the breast milk, therefore it is recommended that caution should be used in breast-feeding women. It has been shown in limited test studies that the nursing infant is exposed to approximately 0.3 mg/kg/day following oral administration of aciclovir to the mother. If nursing mothers have herpetic lesions near or on the breast, breast-feeding should be avoided.
Adverse effects
Systemic therapy
Common adverse drug reactions (≥1% of patients) associated with systemic aciclovir therapy (oral or IV) include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, encephalopathy (with IV use only), injection site reactions (with IV use only) and headache. In high doses, hallucinations have been reported. Infrequent adverse effects (0.1–1% of patients) include agitation, vertigo, confusion, dizziness, oedema, arthralgia, sore throat, constipation, abdominal pain, hair loss, rash and weakness. Rare adverse effects (

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