Best men flat cap

Mens do not appreciate an important piece of clothing such as a hat. We are more and more willing to choose flat caps. However, the vast majority of men just do not like hats. Part of them believes that a cap or hat look bad, which is true in many cases. Many men also discourage scratching their foreheads and heads, especially with wool felt. As a consequence, most men do not wear general caps during the winter, and if it is, they assume black caps with fleece or knitted acrylic, which dominate in shops. The problem is also a miserable choice in home stores. Additives newsboy caps, for many brands do not seriously considered. Just like we lived in an atmosphere that does not require wearing a headgear. If we find anything in the stores, it is usually of little interest visually and qualitatively falls badly. Therefore, men have to choose ugly knitted hats for sporting, available in virtually any store or classic wool hats. Without a doubt fans of detective stories know Sherlock Holmes hat in addition to the characteristic pipe and plaid coat, it is probably the most recognizable headgear among detectives of all time. Today, this type of head covering can also buy online store.